I am someone who loves to check things off my To Do List! It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and makes me feel productive. Recently, I have learned that my To Be List should be prioritized, creating the foundation for everything I do. Before I do anything, I want to do my best at being to hopefully become a little more loving, compassionate, and kind. This list was inspired after reading the book of Matthew.  Feel free to print, share, or add to this list in the comments below!

A judgmental thought righted

An angry attitude dissipated

A grudge forgiven

A mercy extended

A comparison neutralized

A fear overcome

A fret worked through

A welcome given

A negative memory reframed

A stillness developed

An expression of love spoken

A vulnerability allowed

A mask removed

A phenomenon of nature appreciated

A positive thought rehearsed

A word of wisdom heeded

A value system shifted

A meditation ventured

A panicked racing heart stilled

A rant stopped

A tangent quelled

A vicissitude accepted

A compassionate thought formed

An unnecessary task unemployed

A weariness reenergized

A tearful breakdown allowed

A depressing outlook reigned in

A pain endured

A greed freed

An ingratitude turned grateful

A hypocritical thought humbled

A person taken for granted now prioritized

A courageous effort of another applauded

A misunderstanding understood

A reconciliation made

A wrong made right

A lying or hurtful tongue immobilized

A praise extolled

A quarrel quashed

A smile shared

A laugh exchanged

A conviction formed

An embarrassment accepted

A temptation overcome

A prayer prayed

A peace acquired

An evil thought destroyed

An understanding realized

A prideful thought humbled

An envy rectified

A blame owned

A criticism withheld

A selfish ambition confessed

A strength beyond self sought

A ruminating thought redirected

A compliment extended

A tender touch expressed

An unnoticed person acknowledged

An iniquity recompensed

A gossip dissolved

A light within radiated

A worry about tomorrow lifted up

An anxiety breathed into

A quick temper tempered

A self-demeaning thought extinguished

A perspective changed

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